14 de fevereiro de 2012


Today's post is gonna be in english!

For many of the foreign readers I have around here, today is Valentine's Day. I imagine that all you non brazillians don't know, but here in Brazil Valentine's Day is on june 12th. That's why you're not seeing any pictures of romantic nails here today. I actually didn't even think about posting one, I could, but since there's no Valentine's mood in the air around here, it didn't even occur to me, hahaha!

So to my foreign readers, stay tuned for june 12th, because then I'll create a cute theme for my own Valentine's day! ^^

For now I'm working on posting pictures of the collection I just showed below. I'm about to finish wearing all three Buttercup colors, I think I'll have pictures of those 3 here by tomorrow or thursday! :D

Happy Valentine's Day for everyone around the world!
A special kiss for my boyfriend, my Valentine! ;)